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Membership Dues
1. Applicant for general membership must either live in or have an office in Monmouth County and must be fully admitted to the Bar of the State of New Jersey.
2. Associate Membership. Any person who is a member in good standing of the Bar of New Jersey, but does not meet the residency or office location criteria for general membership as set forth above, is eligible for Associate Membership if he or she has significant association with Monmouth County (Significant Association) shall be indicated by a regular association of one's practice with the clients, attorneys and courts of Monmouth County, which contacts create a relationship with members of the Association.
3. Applicant for Associate Membership shall include, on a separate sheet of paper, a summary of the "Significant Association".
4. All applications must be accompanied by a check payable to the Monmouth Bar Association for one year's dues.
5. Dues are as follows:
Applicants admitted less than 1 year...........$75.00
Applicants admitted 1-4 years....................$125.00
Applicants admitted more than 4 years......$175.00
6. In addition to dues, applicants are encouraged to donate $25.00 for the Monmouth Bar Foundation. Your dontation will be greatly appreciated. Same should be combined with your dues check. THANK YOU.
$25.00 - Donation
7. The offices at the Association will contact you with meeting information once your application has been approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Trustees.
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